Don't Upgrade

So as some of you know I have both HIP and HG. Well I bought a new computer a few days back and apparently the HD card has been updated to be 4 times better than the previous HD software. To be honest I never got into HD and never really knew it could affect anything. Long story short my new computer rocks everything is blazing fast looks fantastic except for you guess it HG. Now when I open HG some areas look fine, other text is super small, and some tabs overlap along with text fields. I called HG and they said adjust your fonts and your resolution. So I tried that but nothing worked. I called back and that’s when they admitted to me that their current software is not ready to handle the new HD that is out on the market. So now I have to wait until HG catches up or revert back to my old computer. Just wanted to let you guys know before dropping dough on a new computer keep this in mind. HG if there is a fix to this that your tech didn’t know about please let us know.


You should be able to change the display resolution down to 1920 x 1080 and it should be fine. Right-click on the desktop, choose screen resolution, change the resolution to 1920 x 1080 and it should improve.

Most Windows apps don’t handle really high-res displays well. I use Quickbooks 2013 and it SUCKS on high-res screens like the Surface Pro 3 for example. It is NOT really the apps fault, there isn’t much support in the Windows API to make this work well. This is because Windows graphics used in programs (icons, buttons etc.) are Bitmaps (say 32 px square). Now when displays were around 100 pixels per inch (everything until 3 years ago) that button would be about 1/3 of an inch. Now with high-res screens the button (and text) gets really small or items won’t lay out correctly etc. The Surface Pro 3 is a 12" display and is 2160 x 1440. Simple division will put the DPI (dots per inch) at about 180 DPI or more. This WILL make things pretty tiny.

Of course not seeing what you are I’m only guessing that this will work. When Windows 10 comes out (in 3-5 months) it will be a LITTLE better. At least that’s a free upgrade, bringing back a lot of what people like in Windows 7 UI.

Good luck,

That’s why you should keep using HIP . looking forward to the new LG cell phone by the way.


Thank you! It worked. I switched to 1920 x 1080 and I had to adjust the text size to 150% and now all is back to normal. Thanks again. HG please take note of this.

They should have known that. They definitely should now.

Well she told me to adjust she just didn’t know what worked. Plus the first time I tried doing it I wasn’t doing it right. You must restart when adjusting size/resolution.

Glad to help. :).

Actually had to do the same thing on Mac due Retina screen. It is a pain.

HG nerds are well aware of the display changes on the newer computers which has been more than a year ago. We made software changes back then to meet in the middle…allowing the older displays on laptops to still work while accommodating the newer displays. Thats why some of you on older screens may see the icons on the right of HG sw appear larger than desired. Richard gave the best answer and help. Thanks Richard! Our support team are great when it comes to the software in many ways, and Billy acknowledged that she did tell him albeit vaguely what was wrong. I will make sure they do a better job in explaining computer related issues better in the future.