Don't waste your money on this new inspection book. The author is a total idiot.

… and besides… most of what’s in it can be found on InterNACHI’s website somewhere, for free.

Inspection Business Success Strategies book.](

I kind of agree. :shock: :mrgreen:

Nothing like reverse psychology.:):frowning:
If anyone knows success in the industry it is you.

I started listening to that loudmouth nearly 8 years ago.:roll:
Fat lotta good it did me;-)
I was trying to fail like 95% of the other HIs in the first 3 years:(
Ah, well, that’s what I get for listening!!:D:D:D

$50? yikes

Much of it is here: , online and free.


I guess it’s cheaper than having to become a NACHI member so you can get the info for “free”.

Should have entitled it… NickiLeaks. :stuck_out_tongue: