Don't you just hate it when. . .

They bust holes in your roof, just to put out a fire?



Someone you know?

No. It was next door to a home I was inspecting.

Jeff Nice shadow of you on the side of the house.

I caught that as well…

Which one is Jeff?..:stuck_out_tongue:

The square headed one on the left :):):):):):):slight_smile:

I like that one.


Not nice but I sure had a chuckle, still not nice I loved it.
Roy Cooke

Alright Dale, you gave me the ammunition for this one.

tête carrée , but he is a good one. ha. ha.


While I’m out workin’, you’re all just playin’.

Next time I’ll be sure and “strike a pose.”

That must be Jeff on the right…cause that has to be Will Decker on the left…just look at the size.

Jeff, I’d apologize for the square head comment, but you wouldn’t believe it. :slight_smile:

Actually, I had to chuckle too.

I think I’ll start a “Dave Bush” thread :wink:

The hole-in-the-roof method is also used to rescue people from attics when flood waters get too high. Why we don’t put emergency exits in our roofs is beyond me.

Jeff; I was joking haaaaaaaaaaaha. No offense.

See how people talk about you when your slaving away. ha. ha.

Marcel:) :slight_smile: