Door casings pulling away... Why?

I’d like to ask for opinions regarding an observation made today during an inspection…. This is my first post, so I apologize if I’m including too much/little info…

The subject:
A single-family residence, 40 yrs old, raised ranch with finished lower level… The foundation is poured and the framing appears to be floor joists over a center beam… Due to finished surfaces, neither beam nor posts could be observed… Drywall in the lower level has likely not been painted in 20 years and shows little or no signs of movement… The attic is accessible with engineered trusses supporting plywood decking….

The concern:
The casings on both sides of the hallway doors are pulling away from the jams on both room and hallway sides (1/4"-1/2”)…. At first glance it appears the jams were improperly sized, but the wall can be squeezed almost to the point that the molding could be re-secured in the same holes… The walls (hallway and bedrooms) show no signs of stress cracks, torn or wrinkled drywall tape, nail or screw pops, or any other indication of concern….

The home is in an area where drifting snow is a likely a concern, so substantial snow loads on the 4/12 roof in the past is very likely… The home is currently occupied by a family member of the deceased owner, with no indication of the cause…

What am I missing?

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Quote: “What am I missing?” PICS!!! :lol:

Do you have any photos? Anytime you see something you are not sure of… take lots of photos… closeups… overviews… all views of the area in question (crawlspace/ basement/ other side of wall/ roof above area etc. You have a much better chance of getting an accurate answer/ opinion with good photos!!


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Pics would be helpful and filling out your location in your profile would help as well.