door height

Does anyone know why a new modular home would have a rear exterior type door with only 6’ 5" headroom?

The door leads to a room addition instead of a deck.
No evidence of any cutting on the metal door at top or bottom.
The door has a large glass window in it.
9 foot ceilings present.

The rear door of modular homes are considered an emergancy exit and are not required to be 6’8" in height

“modular” or “manufactured”?

Hi Michael;

Relative to the question asked, I guess I am curious as to where they would specify a door to the exterior of a Modular at a different height back or front.

I am trying to understand the logic behind it. Since the windows would have been set to match the same rough-in as the Front door at 6’8" in height, why would the manufacturer downsize the door in the rear?

Were you able to find something to that regard that you did not divulge in this post.

Curious to your findings.

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6’6" is also a standard size door. Are you measuring the door or door frame?

To expand on my prior post, most manufactured/modular homes are designed with a hinged roof design since the structure won’t fit under over passes. generally speaking they also have 7’ walls and make up for ceiling height by way of cathedral ceilings. because the walls are 7’ floor to ceiling the door opening is shorten. if a replacement door is ever required it has to be either special ordered from a local lumber yard or order one directly from the manufacturer. also, for clarity, I’m speaking of “double wide” style homes. not truc modular construction where components are trucked onsite in “cube’s” One last thing.Manufactured housing must meet HUD building standards and the frame of the home is steel, which axles and a draw bar are attached to to move the home. modular home’s built in my home state must meet MRC( Michigan residential Code) which mimics the IRC. The floor system is stick built and set on a full foundation (crawl/Basement) Hope this answers you question.

6’ 5" clear opening

9 ft flat ceiling across the whole house


I hope this helps.


This home may have 9 foot ceilings but unless the buyer upgrades the door/window package, they would get the door/window package consisting of shorten doors for the standard 7 foot wall height I spoke of earlier.