Door Prize


The FIRST PRIZE is for those who want to take our IR class.

For the first two people who post their name and address… win the FLUKE energy audit manual and interactive CD. ($30 at bookstores](

Plus $400 off our April or May IR Webinar Class (Your price is $100 instead of $500).

Our class comes with $100 off your InterNACHI membership renewal (our class cost you $100 and InterNACHI gives you $100 off your renewal… making our IR class FREE to you, with this prize).

Brand New

See for details on our IR certification class.


All my students can have this Energy Manual and CD - FREE

Just post your name & address and indicate approx date when you took our IR class.

Prize available until April 6, 2011

Tom Leahy
8005 Oak Hollow Arlington Texas 76001

josh Frederick
2064 royal oak ave. defiance, OH 43512

Tom W. Leahy](
Joshua L. Frederick](


The manual will be mailed to you asap.
Email me for instructions on how to sign up for our IR class


Wow John,

That’s very generous of you. Too bad I was too late.

Thanks a million John!! Will be taking advantage of the generous prize.

Glad to see you guys win.

Thank you Sir! Maybe this will help influence my boss (er, wife) to let me take the plunge into the world of IR.

Thomas Hession
5550 98th ave
Pinellas Park, Fl 33782


thanx john

ummmm. you MUST take the course if you win the prize… I hope you have a few extra grand laying around.

"Few extra grand"?

The course cost $100 (instead of $500).
InterNACHI gives $100 off the winners renewal.
This makes the class FREE.

The second place prize is the FREE manual to all my students.

Watch your mail.

Remember also… at this time FLUKE is giving $1000 cash back on select IR cameras. Contact me for details and I will give you a discount on taking our IR class as well.

Duke Griffin
440 Columbine Ave
Estes Park, Co 80517
July 2010.
Thanks John

Watch your mail Duke.

I took a live class in Boulder, timeframe Feb 2009 I think.

Liz Runquist
1719 W. Main St.
Rapid City, SD 57702


Liz… look for it in the mail.

Time runs out tonight.

John, I took your course in Early 2010, I am thinking April
BTW was was doing an big Condo IR roof job the last few days, hope I sneak in under the wire.

Post your name and address.
I will still give you the prize.