Door required?

Is there a requirement for a door leading into a bedroom?

Last inspection door for master BR was missing - hinges and striker were present at one time, but no door no more. Not in garage, basement or anywhere else. I put it in the report as an FYI note, just curious as if there’s any specfic reference.


According to Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears and host of others, not only are bedroom doors not required they are strongly discouraged. :mrgreen: I’m not aware of any requirements for bedroom doors but I certainly call out those that are missing.

not as far as I know Rick…i even had a customer ask me to leave the door off the master bath one time…I finished with a door and then took it off and put it in storage for them…go figure…jim

Min housing code for our town states that there must be a door for both

Check with local building dep and code inforcement


If anything just right it up as missing, we don’t really care about other requirements other than its missing. Keep it short and sweet.

Rick ,I could have sworn I saw this issue with a code for a door requirement.

Edit as I looked around and came up empty.

I would still call it a den.

It’s a bedroom DOOR mention it for a FYI and move on…

If there is evidence that the house was designed to have a door to the bedroom and the door is missing, report it. If not…there is no need to mention it, IMO.