Doors on either side of a hallway, that both open out...code violation?

I am interested in finding out what code would be applicable in the following situation:

There is a restaurant that has a somewhat short hallway. When walking down the hallway, there is a door on the left for the men’s restroom, and directly opposite it, there is a door on the right for the women’s restroom.

The doors both swing out, into the hallway. When both doors are open, they hit each other; one end of the door will hit the other door handle, and vice versa, depending on which was opened first. There are no windows in the doors to allow someone exiting the restroom to see whether the opposite door is already open.

What section of the code should I be looking at? Does it sound like a violation?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like an ADA problem and may interfere with exit if the hallway leads to an emergency exit.

How old is the building? Are the restrooms ADA compliant? Could the doors be reversed to swing, yet still comply with ADA? What side are the foresee hinged, the approach side?

Go to the ADA website.

I’ll check both. My main concern was injury. If your hand is on one door handle, and someone swings out the other door, it will smash your hand between the swinging door and the door handle.

Are you in California?


You should be contacting local code officials.
Inspectors here are from 50 different states.

And multiple countries… :cool:

Right…i’m assuming one of those 50 states is Florida, no?

Thanks for the help.

That’s funny…There are plenty of knowledgeable gents here from Florida that hopefully will see your post and comment.

I am no expert, but one question, with both doors fully open can you pass through them to continue on down the hallway, and if so what is that measurement?

**404.2.6 Doors in Series and Gates in Series. **The distance between two hinged or pivoted doors in series and gates in series shall be 48 inches (1220 mm) minimum plus the width of doors or gates swinging into the space.

is that a commercial reference? I dont see homes with those kinds of clearances

ADA restuarant and public passages

I’ll look for res

ADA does not apply to residential unless its multi family housing.

404.1.6 refers to door in a series along a path of travel such as a vestibule. Not doors that encroach into a pathway.

Michael, as stated above, in this particular situation you have the best advice is going to be: Check with your local building and Code department. To me and I am sure most others, this is a stupid design with several potential safety issues, but if you are looking for a specific “Code” reference if there is such, you need to contact the local AHJ.


Thanks to all. I am sorry that I didn’t clarify. The doors/hallway are in a Dunkin Donuts restaurant.