Double Lugged?

Would this be considered double lugged/tap (right side half way down)?

Me think yes.

I think you’re right.

Pushmatic breaker terminals not designed for 2 wires

Who said?

Just my opinion Marcel.
The only ones I can think of is some Square D.
I did do a little search & came up with nothing else but the same opinions by electricians.

I personally would call it out & let the other side prove me incorrect.
Or the only thing else is would be to call it & recommend further evaluation for scope of any repairs/exact costs. :slight_smile:

In my first pic it reads to connect load wire… and not load wire (s) so I am incline to think that we are correct - one wire!

You don’t need to go halfway down to find other problems or over lugging

Ken, want to share what else you are seeing?
I see a double tap on the main lugs and twisted grounds at the bottom.

I never seen this type of panel.

I am not there but from the photo it looks like a quad tap.
Also the grounds are to be twisted if using the same lug according to the ledger.
I know I will catch heck for it (read my last sentence) but there were quite a few wires that were over bent. So maybe Paul or someone much more knowledgeable than I could shed some light but my understanding for NM the minimum bending radius is 5 times the diameter of the cable. Now would I have called this out, probably not if I didn’t see any problems.

Forgot the photo :wink:

Good eyes! I especially liked that one in the kitchen.

There is no issue with bending those conductors at 90°. Solid conductors installed in LB conduit bodies are bent at 90° everyday with no issues.

I see a 24Ov circuit connected to the main lugs (overfused - not good). Only one smaller conductor on both legs. The other conductors in that area are neutrals from other branch circuits.

Ken, the bend radius issue is for cables. You are not looking at cables, but conductors.

Thank you Jim
I have had this discussion with someone before and all I could get was it’s okay, (didn’t really clear it up for me). I have looked on line to clarify and there was always lots of back and forth on this issue. Thank You again.

Yes I saw that to, forgot to circle that one I was in a hurry this am and was having trouble (coffee was not kicking in). :roll::roll:

Marcel how ya doing/feeling.
Be well take care :smile: