Double lugging or not?

Can some one please help with this one. One of four meters for fourplex.
Notice bottom of picture, two neutrals under one lug. Would this be acceptable in this situation. Also, I cant tell if the panel is bonded. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

main disconnect.jpg

I would call that “improper.”

It’s not likely that the lug is rated for multiple conductors. What you see is not two neutrals, but rather, one neutral and the EGC - which would be proper to feed the distribution panel (as, I assume, this is the service disconnect).

It’s difficult to tell whether or not the enclosure is bonded to the system (I would guess that it is due to the type of panel), but the neutral and ground are certainly bonded (by the double tap).


Why is this not two neutrals connected to the bottom lug? The ground conductor is 3 lugs up. Also, don’t see panel bond if this is main electric service.

The bare stranded wire should be the equipment grounding conductor (EGC) for a remote panel (distribution/sub panel). These conductors would be separated at the remote panel with the EGC bonded to the enclosure and the neutral isolated from the enclosure.

The bare copper wire should be the grounding electrode conductor (GEC) which would run to a ground rod, water pipe or other grounding electrode.

It’s hard to tell, but the neutral bus does not appear to be isolated (floating), which would mean that it is in direct contact with the enclosure.

Thanks Jeff for your specifics…Got the GEC and EGC confused. Late night.
You should think about teaching. Your that good.

I’ll leave the teaching to Gerry and Paul. They are much more qualified than I.

But thanks anyway :wink:

Grounding Electrode Conductor -The conductor used to connect the grounding electrode(s) to the equipment grounding conductor, to the grounded conductor, or to both, at the service, at each building or structure where supplied from a common service, or at the source of a seperately derived system… ( Skip the Seperately Derived System Part…lol )

Equipment Grounding Conductor- The conductor used to connect the non-current carrying metal partsof equipment, raceways, and other enclosures to the system grounded conductor, the grounding electrode conductor, or both at the service equipment or at the source of a seperately derived system. ( Again skip the Seperately derived system part…lol…)

I am actually working on a VERY detailed session for chapter meetings that would like to learn more…clears up all the confussion of the grounding and bonding methods and reasons why it is done.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I thought it was no good, but was worried since a total of 4 panels were wired this way. Everyones help is appreciated.