double main breaker help

200amp meter base. 4/0 alum service to Bulldog “Push-o-matic” panel. Two buss bars in the panel that had 100amp breakers one each side. (One on the left, one on the right.) Question: Is the structure limited to 100amps or do we combine the two buss bars for 200amp service?
Thanks for anyones input.

Does the 4/0 conductor terminate in a common LUG for both buss bars?

If so…based on the 4/0AL I would call it a 200A Service…if it is as stated above…both bars give the panel a capacity of 100A each…and the overall rating is 200A…

Did the panel itself have a rating on it?

Yes, the 4/0 service was at a common lug. then it split into two rows of breakers with the 100amp breakers at the top… So 200amp is correct then?

Yes…that is correct !