Double posting

i do apoligize for the double posting, the last 3 posts ive made have for whatever reason double or tripled, anyone know why, i only right it and click it once so…?

You should be left clicking not right clicking. That might be part of the problem.


Dom: He means “write” it and click once.

I haven’t ever right clicked on the submit reply button. Guess I’ll try it now.

Nope, just pops up my little “edit” menu.

Erby, your 100% write. Man, I need some sleep, I totally read that wrong.

Adam, you might want to check your double click sensitivity in your windows control panel. If it’s set to too sensitive a single click could end up being a double click.

The same has happened to my post too and I did left click.

Well Dom, after you get some sleep, c’mon back and maybe you’ll be able to read it write!

Lol, gonna have to wait until tomorrow then. I hit the sack at 4:30 am last night and got up a few hours later. I’ll reread it tomorrow :slight_smile: