Double sink drain used on single sink

I’m not sure what they capped this with…perhaps this is okay…but It is a bit odd…it was not wide open…it had some plastic or something covering the opening.


1227hartford 049.jpg

OK as long as its capped. Could have been a double sink in its past life.
:smiley: lol :smiley:
Just a little odd looking.


This is for a future double sink,how could you have missed this.The homeowner is thinking ahead!!

It’s not O.K. Tony this should be redone.

This house from today was a flip house…the sink was brand new and surely cheaper than a double sink…

The house LOOKED great…but had many problems overlooked by Mr Flipper…


In my experience when homeowners [flippers] run out out of the proper material will get creative, instead of going to hardware store.

Perhaps an elbow would be in order?

It also looks like the drain from the dishwasher to the disposal is not high enough. :smiley:

How deep did this ‘fix’ make the trap?
If it is over 4" it will allow sludge to build up.

Maybe they wanted to avoid ‘water hammer’ on the drain side :mrgreen:

The is no water hammering in drain, its not under pressure like a supply, take the quizzes again.