Double tap.... allowed.

This is an example of when two conductors are permitted to be on the same connection of a circuit breaker. Just a reminder for the new folks.

Yep! The saddle is visible.

I am not a fan of using the phrase “double tap” on a breaker designed for two conductors. It is just a two conductor circuit breaker that doesn’t warrant mention. I prefer to use “double tap” for an instance where two conductors are used where only one conductor is allowed, as a defect. JMHO.

I agree.

Some different views:

twowirebreaker (Small).jpg

One or two for copper, only one for aluminum.

Ha! I caught that too! Yay me!

Wait, you were testing us, right Dave?

Some of these forum posts should be added to course curriculum. Great stuff guys

No just a reminder for the new guys n gals.