Double Tap at Service Disconnect & Can You Identify This Thing?

Good morning and happy monday all!

I have two separate questions please…

  1. Is there ever a time that Double Tapping is allowed on the lugs down stream of the service disconnect? These are of equal size, stranded copper and are feeding separate sub-panels. I’m calling it out as a deficiency but I just want to make sure there isn’t something I’m not aware of.

  2. Can anyone confirm for me what the device with the green light is coming from the bottom of the interior distribution panel? It’s connected to a 20 AMP breaker at the bottom left of the panel. I’m thinking it’s some sort of a surge protector designed for interior installation (the concept seems odd to me). It’s riveted shut.

Yes I know there is A LOT of other issues with the interior panel configuration/location. Feel free to comment on those as well (I know you will), but I’m really just trying to identify the mystery box, lol.

If the wire to the box is cab cord it is not allowed to feed that box .

Thanks Roy! A picture is worth a thousand words. But I can’t find that particular device on the link to the “Unusual Things I Have Found” pages. I’ve been looking now for a bit, but wanted to check to see if it was there or if you were just sharing some of yours? There’s some pretty interesting stuff there for sure.

Thank you .

The unusual things is just some things we got over the years many where only seen once .

You have two violations in the placement of the panel. The workspace is not clear as required , and the panel is not allowed in the bathroom .

It also looks like the large breaker is not mounted properly.

The lug issue is not clear in the photos.

Whoa! CBP in the bathroom?
Was this a remodel or room addition that the CBP was originally NOT in the bathroom?

Sorry I hadn’t seen the follow up posts here. The previous owner had turned the utility room into a makeshift hair salon. So they were not only subjecting their family to these risks but their clients as well. You should have seen the in ground swimming pool in the crawlspace that they were nice enough to “pump out” for the inspection, lol. :scuba: