Double tap on Meter

I have not encountered this yet and I can’t locate the answer in any literature I have, so here it is: is it a safety concern to double tap off the meter?

A house I inspected has two panels. The configuration of both of them is goofy to begin with, but then I realized they are both fed directly from the meter.

No pics? Is it a 400 amp service? Perfectly fine to take off from the meter with two sets of feeders, so long as the meter has two sets of load side lugs lugs. It is a common setup for 400 amp services.

Unfortunately I could not get a good photo of it, the meter box was locked. It is only a 100 amp setup.

Thanks for the imput, I really appreciate it.

If it is only a 100A service than it is almost certainly illegal.

There are meters that allow two sets of service entrance cables. Typically this is for bigger services (like 200A and up).

How did you determine it was a 100 amp service?

I said IF it is…

I was asking the OP

Oh, sorry.