Double tap- two 10 AWG's for 60 amp breaker

Thank you all for your response.
The brand id cutler-hammer

Some Cutler Hammer breakers allow two conductors.

The home was built in 2001

What does “They make it so the circuits cannot be isolated” mean?

No competent electrician is going to have a tough time.

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Hi George
Nothing complicated just both are on the same breaker.

Agreed! Not all are competent like you :wink:

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I have the same issue. These circuits doesn’t seem to be over loaded. Nothing is tripping. Can I pig tail that double 60???

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What are the two loads? If each load requires an individual branch circuit then pigtailing is not an option unless they are somehow interlocked to prevent simultaneous operation.

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The panel has it as AC

It would be rare for an air conditioner to need a 60 amp circuit.

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