Double Tap

NOTE: A certain percentage of home inspectors dismount the dead front to be able to observe the inside of the panel to insure it meets the manufactures and code compliance.

Question; Is there is a latent hazard in the currently acceptable Federal Pioneer Limited “Stab Loc” 125 amp 120/240 volt first point of distribution?

You be the judge.
For the moment I am the plaintiff.

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We don’t see many Federal Pioneer Panels here in the US, /QUOTE]

What stands out about Federal Pacific Electronic “Stab Loc” Panels & Breaks Terry?

Do you come across FPE panels?
If so the panels may look similar to FPL.

If a home in the US of A was built between 1950 and 1990 and equipped with Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panel “Stab-Lok” circuit breakers, a significant risk of breaker malfunction and fire is increased.
NOTE: Do not dismount the dead-front! You could be held liable having been the last person whom entered the panel.

I am curious. I have read about them but as yourself I have not observed one as of yet.
This dilemma, “Stab Loc” FPE and FPL has many new homies to the MB, message board.
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My responses in blue.

grommets are ok.

The breaker is a Federal Pacific Electrics GFCI and double taped.
Federal Pacific B are known to ignite.
They are more prone to failure once tripped.
That one is double tapped.

They have no UL rating and the company closed.

Observation: A non compliant FPE GFCI Stab-Loc breaker in the Federal Pioneer Limited Stab-Loc first point of service panel.

NOTE: Federal Pacific Electrics panels & breakers have been discontinued. The beakers are recalled.
FPE Stab-Lok circuit breaker has a very unusually high **rate of failure to trip **(and because there are other bus and panel design defects and failures) these electrical panels should be replaced. Period.

The breaker in the box is double tapped for one. I can not reval the rest yet. The purchase and contract are still active.

Recommend: A licensed RBQ electrical company evaluate the panel and breaker and make any recommendations. The GFCI breaker be removed at once.