double tap

Should I write up
Double tap of the breaker
Rec evaluation on conductor that appears that has been hot? I cant tell if it is dirt or has been hot/

Yes on the double tap.

No one can answer the other question from your images. You need a new camera, your photos are awful.

I would writeup for the dbl tap for a safety issue stating possible overheating wire and refer to licensed electrician for further inspection:repair.

Lots of cob webs in there… Yes on double tap. Strange the adjacent breaker is not being utilized.

WHY … would you ask if you should report on something that is wrong?

some square D’s allow for double tap but those look like Siemens or GE which I don’t think are rated for double tap and even if so not “stacked” like that but rather one on each side of connection lug. Maybe to overheat but probably just dust though I’d defer it to an electrician. Here’s how I write it up the double tap:

Two or more wires were connected to one breaker in the panel. This condition, typically called a “double tap”, can add to the load of the affected electrical circuit and possibly cause overloading, tripping, or arcing at the breaker. Current standards require circuits to be independently protected with separate breakers though some manufacturers allow two wire connection to the breaker. We recommend a licensed electrician evaluate and properly separate circuits if needed.