Double Tapped Breaker

I wrote up a double tapped breaker the seller call an electrician to correct the breaker. What he did was to take the extra wire off the breaker and splice it back to the wire that was left on the breaker. I still called this a double tapped breaker. Where can I find a code to back me up or am I wrong?


Toby Johnson
South Carolina

You can find the code in the NEC.
The Elecrician is correct

That is a textbook repair of a double-tapped breaker. It’s also known as “pigtailing”. It is absolutely proper.


What the electrician did was create a pigtail from the (2) circuits that were sharing that breaker…and now simply have a single conductor going to the breaker now to remove the double tap issue.

Now…sure it does not remove the fact this breaker is controling (2) different circuits ( as it did before )…or (1) larger one now…but regardless of that nothing against that in the NEC…the NEC does not tell you DIRECTLY how many things can be on a given circuit…while it gives us guidelines and so on and we can do the MATH to come to a conclussion…

What the Electrician did was compliant…

Oh…I wanted to add this…in case you all see this be sure that the pigtail itself is equal or exceeds the rating of the conductors it is pigtailed too.

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No worries. I certainly don’t mind explaining things to people 12 different ways, as long as one gets through. The more, the merrier.

Thanks Paul and Marc,

I knew you could do this if the wires were cut short but not with two different circuits. I’m glad you got back to me before I put my foot in my mouth.



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