Double tapped main

Code or not ?

Leads to 100A sub…

That don’t look right at all. 3 different wire gauges too it looks like. I cant read the numbers from the photo.

looks like a 2/0 a 1/0 and an 8?


Is that a ground tapped with a neutral?

The whole thing just looks weird, don’t it!


Greg, where do you find this stuff? your running around Dunbar?

It does indeed and one should recommend further evaluation by a Licensed electrician and hope it’s not the same one who did this.

Why would you need further evaluation. It is wrong and needs to be corrected.

Here is one I called out and the electrician said it was fine.:roll:


Not code, not right. Subpanels must be on their own breaker from main panel, not double tapped into main lugs.

Wow, are you sure he was an electrician?


I had one of these last week that was set up for a backfeed generator. Reinspection required, the owner just removed the subpanel.

Makes me wonder sometimes

I also run into all kinds of garbage down in my neck of the woods. Owner rehabs with work performed by their cousins, uncles and family friend. When I tell them it needs repair, they stare at me like I have three heads! Simply amazing.