Double tapped meter

Inspection today of single family home had a meter with 2 service entry wires that lead to 2 panels in the basement. Can a meter be double tapped?

To start the terminals need to be listed for two conductors. Have any photo’s?

It was the meter box, no info on it. Never seen one with 2 wirescoming out.

Generally not an issue, as long as the lugs are listed for such.

Google “double barrel lug” and it will turn up information on the practice.

See this a lot on larger homes that need 300 or 400 amp service, meter will feed two 200 amp panels because they are much cheaper than one 400 amp panel. You can only assume the meter was wired correctly.

Thanks all.

I would assume the power company would do this correctly.

Our area, the service mast and meter and conductors to the service mast head are installed by the owner or electrician, the hydro company only hooks up at the head and is responsible for the street to service head only.

I am used to the contractor installing everything, but the power company makes all the connections.