double tapped or not?

Found this in a panel today. 3 or 4 breakers appear to be double tapped. They are HOM type Square D RT-500 breakers. Can these types have 2 connections?

Picture 010.jpg

Picture 011.jpg

What I notice right off the bat is that you have some Murray/Siemens breakers mixed in there too. RT-500 is not a Square D part number. Not sure where you got that.

In the first picture the breaker is not made for 2 wires but I can’t see the connection in the second picture.

This is what one looks like that accepts two wires:

twowirebreaker (Small).jpg

Heck with the double tap…That looks remarkably like a Brown Recluse hanging above that red wire.

The multiple cables entering the knockout do not appear to have a connector on them.

The first pic, yes, double tapped. Second picture, no, not double tapped.

There is a double tapped neutral in the 2nd photo also.

I agree with both Jeff and Paul.

I believe your correct. Nasty biters :wink:

I got the RT-500 number off of the breakers. And yes there are different brands of breakers in the panel. The panel is not marked so I do not know what type of panel it is.

both are double tapped…

That panel is ITE Semens.