double tapped with wire nuts

I found a 20 amp breaker with a single 12ga. wire about 4 inches long connected to two 14ga. wires with wire nuts branching out to their individual circuits. Any feedback? Thanks

that should be a 15 amp breaker Will…imo

That would not be considered a “double tap,” in fact, if the breaker was sized appropriately (which it is not), it’s perfectly acceptable.

It would be considered a “pig-tail”.
And like Jeff sadi, it’s fine (provided the breaker is right szie)


Thanks guys

Agreed it is not a double tap…However, lets not over look the fact it is (2) 14 awgs technically on a 20A breaker with no additional details. so if you are asking if it is a double tap…no…if you are asking if the method of installation is correct in your example…NO…as others have said recommend to them to change the 20A breaker to a 15A breaker.

So the real issue here is not the pigtail…it is what the pigtail connects to:mrgreen:

This is a method some people use to get around the fact that the breaker allows only one conductor. The concept i sperfectly legal. However, the comments about the breaker size are, of course, correct.