Double taps and 4-Points


Square D breakers rated for 2 copper wire terminations…

Do you report these as double tapped breakers on a 4-Point? - and if so, do you try to explain it on the inspection report?, and if so, does it make any difference to the clerk at the underwriter?

As long as both wires are the same size, what is the deficiency?

None that I can see - however, the Universal and Citizen’s 4-Point form ask if there are double tapped breakers - kind of yes or no - And they have been known to kick back a report that shows the double tap in the photo…

In your case, there is no double tapped breaker to report.
If it is kicked back, perhaps you can take the time to educate them.
Insurance underwriters are almost as annoying as insurance agents!

How helpful. Thanks

Yea, I think that’s the way I’ll go…I haven’t run across this for a 4-Point yet, but I have seen in during full inspections - on newer homes not needing a 4-point.

Thanks for the input

If the breaker is rated for two wires then it is not considered a double tap.