Double taps and ESA inspection

Guess what I found during an inspection that had just been inspeced by the ESA? It appears the panel cover was not pulled. Three circuit breakers double tapped out of picture frame as well as the taps on the mains.

100 amp service.

So much for the theory we should not be opening panels.

double tap 2.JPG

Keep those pictures Ray they could come in handy some day . I just might need them . Thanks Roy Cooke


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I seem to be running into alot of panels in new construction without ESA inspection stickers on them. Is any one aware of the requirement to place inspection stickers on panels?

Qualified electricians are already pre approved by ESA.

ESA’s Authorized Contractor Program - What Homeowners Should Know
Finding an Authorized Contractor**

What you should know about Aluminum

Hiring a Contractor


Maybe this is the reason they don’t want us to open panels!!:stuck_out_tongue:

You could be right! I think its a case of laziness, these folks have a duty under their authority to ensure all work is in order. They charge for the service and therefore are liable for any negligence. What if the house had burned down? What would the Fire Marshall say? I think there would be big lawsuit and the home insurance provider would likely seek compensation from ESA!