Double taps at main disconect

Inspection today, these double taps go to a sub panel that operates the pump start relay for a sprinkler well, and also some of the stranded aluminum ground was left out to make room for the copper to the grounding rod, any thoughts on this?

Just plain wrong.

I don’t know of a kind way to describe such a mess.:frowning:

When I see panels like that my first thought is, well that makes my job much easier. A licensed electrician needs to inspect and repair as needed.

I agree with that.


copper and aluminum will eventually fuse together.

A licensed electrician DOES NOT need to inspect and repair as needed. A licensed electrician needs to FURTHER EVALUATE and repair as needed.

You did the inspect part.

I’m seeing more than double taps there, looks like at least three conductors under those lugs.

You could pick the application apart naming each defect or recommend evaluation and repairs by a qualified electrician. I’d recommend evaluation and repairs.

Typically see this when an A/C compressor or well pump or somesuch electrical addition is made by a non-electrician.

Call it out.