Double Taps in Cutler Hammer Panel

Thanks for the pic David, … I’ve seen these before mounted up under the crawl space to the side of a floor joist in proximity to the front door above. However the panel I was looking at was in a garage that was set in drywall. Didn’t see any transformers in this area anywhere. The double-tapped wire didn’t appear to be stranded either as someone had mentioned in one of the earlier post.



Don’t be afraid to continue asking questions on this BB. You will, on occasion receive the type of response you got from one of the posters, but hopefully more from those that can actually help. He did respond with an apology and further info but the first response was just wrong.

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I’m sorry I’m not perfect like yourself.

ok…ok…guys…lets remember that Electrical Topics are hard for everyone and most certainly newbies to electricity. If anyone ever has a concern about electricity then the best thing to always do it ask as many questions as possible.

Shockey…I would suggest doing some electrical searches on this forum and would be surprised at all the information that you will find.

It has nothing to do about being perfect. It has everything to do about reading the posts and responding in a positive manner, not insulting the individual. This BB has gone through a transformation and most of the posters have tried to not insult people in their initial responses. Many good people have moved elsewhere due to responses like yours. Many important questions will be unasked just because of the same type response you made.
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But if the doorbell transformer is stranded, and the second branch is solid, that is still a safety hazard. You cannot mix different gages or types of wires under the same screw regardless if it’s “low voltage” or not. I’ve had situations like this many times before and the doorbell circut pulls right out without any force. In that case, it must be pigtailed with the same type (solid) and the same gauge (No. 14) with a 15 amp breaker.

Has anyone ever quantified how many fires, injuries or equipment failures have happened because of a double tap?

I always wondered that if certain breakers, square d etc., can take 2 wires, why do they use 30 breakers or so in a panel? Why not use just 15? Everything is money related. It would save money to half the number of breakers in a panel.

ok Blaine…lets not bring reasoning into the equation…lol

If I called out a double tapped doorbell transformer (stranded or not), I’d be doing it in 90% of my inspections.

It’s low voltage, so I think I’ll continue to allow the Electricians to continue doing their thing.

Electrical panel from hell

you know what we should do Ben is offer to give away a FREE book on electrical inspections once it comes out to the top 5 people who do the game online. I will pick up the tab on it… Also a special GIFT to anyone who finds anything I did not call out in the video when it is out…we did it on such a ROLL their was little time to study it well before we started shooting…and as you know I did not stop once the video started…so I looked and see something I might not have mentioned…lets see who finds out what it was…

BTW…you are doing some Wonderful things with that NACHI.TV fella.

Another question. After seeing the picture of the transformer for the doorbell posted, shouldn’t these transformers be mounted somewhere that someone couldn’t come in contact with them very easily or even enclosed in an electrical box? Just asking. I have seen them mounted in the crawl spaces in proximity of where the front entrances are. I’m attaching a photo of one that I found up in a linen closet inside a home that I inspected.

Thanks in advance for the answers…

Please advise,



Doorbell transformers are normally attached to the outside of the electrical panel. Never inside.

If you find one elsewhere throughout the home, they are fine. They’re low voltage.

Thanks David. I value your advice and it is always appreciated. I’ve attached that photo again. For some reason it didn’t take on my last post.



You’re Welcome.

Yep. That’s a simple doorbell transformer.

Here are pictures of a CH series breaker with tan handles that do not have a “W” retainer for the cables. What then?

2013-01-18 10.34.14a.jpg

2013-01-18 10.34.14a.jpg

2013-01-18 10.33.24.jpg