Double taps

Since I cannot post outside of the Specific Topics area I will respond here.

“I did an inspection on a house owned by a fellow inspector (not a Nachi member but a very nice guy). His house was almost perfect. It was only three years old and the guy was meticulous. I found a doorbell xformer double tap in the panel - that’s it!”

That is not a problem so the home was perfect.

Was the transformer inside the panel?

How many square feet? Crawlspace?

I guess it is possible to have a clean inspection.
I did a builders own house, 2 yr old and only found 3 items.
I usually find 20 to 60 issues.


It is still a double tap, and unless the CB is designed for that we cannot consider it as being legal in accordance with the product manufacturer, and UL standards.

Picky? Why not have the pigtail and splice method be used here.

PS: Mike: Are you the same MP who bought some old NEC’s from me last year?

A simple, clear response with possible remedy…very nice Joe! :smiley:

Thanks Larry:

I was asked the same question last week 3 times during my Massachusetts Home Inspectors Electrical Seminar on 5/25/06 and my reply was, and always will be the same.

How does the rest of the NACHI membership feel about this issue?

If the transformer is inside the cabinet and this “tap” occurs, either way it is wrong, and if the transformer is secured through the knockout as designed the splice is the way to go.

Just one more proper answer when the Judge and Jury asks for an OPINION.

PS: The Chairman of the MA HI Board was in the audience and agreed with me too, sure glad I said the right thing for once!

Joe, you short change yourself. You are a wealth of information. Why…I’ve noticed at least two times…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again Larry, I will keep trying to get more added to the number 2:


How would you feel if someone like Paul Abernathy or Larry would follow up and take another look?

I will be the first to agree that not all defects, if any were always found.

I wondered that when I had an opportunity to go back to a property I finalized, and saw where I missed the most simplest of problems – the storage space in the attic did not have a switch below, and was controlled by the pull chain in the attic instead, I was sure that the switch required for that storage space included the pull chain, was that OK?

Thanks back at ya Joe, you’re a good sport. :smiley:

We all see things (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) differently, no?

**No, I believe a switch (not pull chain) control is needed. **


A doubletap is a double tap…The other issue is lets say that transformer leads are 14 AWG and it is double tapped onto a 20A breaker…then the wire to the transformer is not protected as it should be.

Actually Joe I don’t think it was Mike who did the inspection…I think he was just answering the question…lol…But I could be wrong…

In regards to the light in the attic response…Yeppers…check out Art 210.70(A)(3)…It MUST be switched and at the access of the space.

Now it DOES say switch or wall switch…but more often than not we simply place it at the opening and the light at the equipment…

The NEC states it has to be at the “usual” point of entrance…:slight_smile:

FYI…a pull chain on a storage space if the light it DIRECTLY at the access would allow a pull chain in my opinion…if the light outlet is remote and near equipment you would need the switch at the access point.

Thank you. :smiley:

Yes thank you for the books.

I wish I had known you guys were at the last meeting in Ohio I would have liked to meet you guys. I was there at the dinner.

SNAP…man it would have been AWESOME Mike…I am sure we will all meet in time…BUT I don’t know if the " NACHI Electrical Mafia " is ever allowed in OHIO again…:wink: