Double taps

I wrote this breaker up for having double tap wiring. It was an older panel that was full and there were three other breakers with double taps. The seller of the home was a realtor. She called and said her electrician told her it was okay they were only lighting circuits. I said these were not the breakers that accept two wires and it should be corrected. I said if he thought they were okay then he should write a letter stating as such. I am not going to change my report. Am I missing something?

Only clarity in your photos. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope you got it exactly right, any contractor who wants to assuage a client’s concerns by diagreeing with your report should do it in ink on paper so they know just who to call when it causes a problem. The circuit it is feeding has no bearing. Also, technically the electrician is not debating your report, he is arguing with the manufacturer.

You wrote a report, he should do the same.

Don’t be surprised this happens all the time and Cameron is right they will never provide a letter and should do so.

Don’t electricians get paid to make corrections? If he really said this she needs to find a better electrician. :roll:

The electrician got it wrong, and rather than suggesting she ask for it in writing, I would suggest she talk to a different electrician.

Additionally, although those pictures aren’t very clear, it appears that this is a Federal Pacific Electric panel (FPE). Do you have a wide shot of the panel?

You would think so wouldn’t you? :slight_smile:

I got a feeling “her electrician” is not an* electrician. *

The panel was a Wadsworth panel. Thanks for all of your help. It feels good when you know you got it right