Double teaming

Nice to have friends you can count on Dave and I doubled up on a 600 K Sq Ft roof IR scan Sunday and Monday thought it was going to take longer than it did Spent approximately 8 hours of actual scanning time

Cha ching! Now you can buy that helicopter you always wanted.

Wish I could get some rest, I have to go to Cookeville, TN for a 300,000 sf electrical inspection tomorrow morning!

Got leaks?

Call the Bottger - Andersen team. We “put things in perspective”…

“The Power of NACBI”

Nice pano!!

I know the feeling I just booked 3 inspections same time same day must be punch drunk and filled out a W9 for a electrical Scan hope I got that correct:roll:

It’s good to see You Boys play nice…

Looks like there “Might” be some leaks in that roof…:shock:

Anderson peed all over it to enhance the imagery.

That pano view is super nice. You guys do it in long wave or rent a short wave? Heck you might have been able to afford a short wave with that job.


Awesome picture. Nice job guys!

Long wave, I wanted so bad to do an aerial over that monster it was the perfect building and conditions for it. Just could not bring it together, would have been assume

I ordered a mid wave (PM 290) the other day. Around $5k with a 1 year warranty.

That’s a nice panorama image Dave.

And, That is only 1/6th of the roof!!

Actually the “good roof”!