Down Loading a report

How do you download a report to MIC? I use yahoo site builder and dont know how to add the code to my site. I was just going to dowload a report and make a link from one of my pages to go to the MIC webpage. They would get the address to view the report from my site prior to going to MIC site. Any help would be great



You’ll need to get the html code from the MIC site that you need to insert into your yahoo sitebuider. There’s probably an editor button that says html , or source code to insert the MIC code.

Also when you post a report in make sure you make it public.

I was going to make it public on fetch report but it looks like they took that feature down? Thank you for mentioning it though.


Can someone help me on how to use the checklist form for Green Inspections. Is it only a hard copy formatt…just don’t get the basics of whats happening