Download Appointments To Android

Could someone point me in the right direction for transferring the appointments I book on HG Scheduler into HG Companion.

I have an LG G4. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through all the buttons but I must be missing something.

Thanks in advance.

On desktop: HG services - send report to cloud - choose reports - send

On companion: HG services - get report from cloud - choose report - download

Until we add the feature to go from apt directly to HGC you will need to use the menu line at main HG version HG Services> download online appts. then from there follow Mike’s steps above

Russell, thank you for responding on a Sunday. I think you mean “app” (threw me off at first since I thought you meant appointment). I see the option to download the report. I’m just finally getting around to seriously trying out Companion. Unfortunately I’ll have to hold off on using it until the “Download Appointments” feature gets added. I use a laptop and desktop, so I already spend a lot of time uploading/downloading reports and templates between my devices. I know you guys are already busy, but for those of us still using HG Scheduler this seems like a very basic feature missing. Thanks again for your response.

No I meant appt. Currently when you book an appointment you can go to your main version HG then download online appointments. From there you send that report to the cloud where it can be pulled into HG Companion.

We need to add the feature from online appointment to the HG Companion by passing the HG main version. It’s already cloud ready so its a feature we plan to add soon. We will release 5.2 and after the smoke clears we then will release HG companion update that should have this feature.