Download the free demo from ProMark.

Hi All, :smiley:

Promark Inspectionware & Promark InContact are finally available to the public!

Please feel free to check out the website & FAQs for information on our line of products.

If you have any additional questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. Just simply reply to this thread.

Where is the sample report?


Go to the website…

Click **Download Your 15 Day FREE TRIAL Today! **

Then click “Checkout”

Then a table will pop-up. click “Checkout” again.

Then they want your personal information entered before you get your sample.

Hi Robert,

The first link that David Valley sent you to will not work in that way.

Go to
This is the Promark Inspectionware main web page.
On the front page are pictures & links to two products. Here you will see buttons for your free downloads. This will take you through a process much like when you would purchase your license. The download will cost nothing. You can choose between Promark InContact or Promark Inspectionware.

For more information & some screen shots of each product, look to the buttons on the left side of the main page. The top two buttons will bring you to pages describing each of these products.

Towards the top of the main page is a button called FAQs which brings you to the FAQs pages where commonly asked questions are answered.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask here, or you can contact me through email at

Really put the software to the test! You will be pleased you did.

any reason not to just put a sample.

Why so complicated?

Most FREE software downloads are done within 2 clicks.

“Sales” is a funny name for anyone to have.

Who are these guys?

We’ve got Dominick M
We’ve got Jim Gallant
We’ve got Russ Buchannan
We’ve got Lorne and Keith

Who ARE these guys, and why no names? They post under a company name

Does their software look a lot like the old Matrix software from ITA or is it just me ?

I know they are watching this thread. Still no answer as to who they are…

Why do they need all that personal stuff, anyway?


Brian Howe

This Brian Howe?

Brian Howe
Pillar To Post/Howe Inspections, Inc.
Edina, MN

Feel free to join NACHI:

Promark Inspectionware

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Re: Download the free demo from ProMark.
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