Downsizing - Tools & Meters For Sale

At 73, I’m down to maybe just 2 days a week. I have extra tools, extra meters or equipment I bought for someone a year ago to help me, but he developed severe diabetic issues and had to drop out. If interested email me.

Here are a few …

Tools, Meters, Etc

  1. TPI-777 (Test Products International) Personal Gas Monitor for CO $150
  2. Werner Blue 20’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder /250lbs rated $175
  3. Fluke Ti-32 IR Camera $3,300
  4. Smart Leveler Digital Water Level $250
  5. Fluke T5-600 Open Jaw Electrical Test Meter (0-600V) $90
  6. Kane-May SGA91 Single Gas Analyzer Test Kit for CO $150
  7. Zefon Mold Test Kit (Z-lite, case, stand, hose, timer, regulator) $265
  8. Tramex EIFS / Stucco Test Kit (Wet Wall Meter, Professional $950
    Moisture Meter & Metal Carrying Case for All)
  9. Nikon – 10x50 / 6.5” Action Lookout IV Binoculars w/case $65
  10. RoboVector Self-Leveling Lazer Level w/ Case, etc $75
  11. Fuji Film S1000fd Digital Camera - 12x zoom / 10MP w/case $45
  12. Fuji Film S4500 Fine Pix Digital Camera - 30x zoom / 14MP w/case $120
  13. EIFS Probe for Protimeter Moisture Meter $75
  14. Streamlight Ultra Stinger Flashlight w/ Chargers $75

What else ya got Dan? More details on the Tramex system would be of interest. I want to buy something from you just to keep the flame going… I got some great stuff from other prominent inspectors that frequent (or used to) this MB. I intend to “pass the torch” when I get to the point you are at.

Look at the Ti32 online for specs, etc.

Making a list of other tools, etc

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I was looking for a list of items from experience/seasoned inspectors and found it. Thank you, now how would it work on purchasing multiple items?

Depends on how many and how much