This is a pic of my house that I am doing a practice inspection on. As you can see, this downspout is damaged and does not extend far enough out to properly drain rain water away from the house.

What’s that pipe on Viagra sticking out of the ground used for?

I read the page on mastering roof inspections-photography and do agree on how much easier and to the point you can be by being able to show the customer exactly what you are describing in your report. The customer may not understand all the terminology, but can get a idea of what you are describing through the picture.

I believe that is for the sprinkler system. I have not had one in a home before and have not used this one yet. I believe the ones closest to the house only let out a small amount of water to take care of the shrubs and plants.

Jason, if it’s for a sprinkle system, it’s missing a diverter head.

Not sure what part of the country you’re in, you need to go to your profile and put in all your info. It helps others here help you, and helps your SEO rankings for your website.

Keep up the good work. And fix your downspout. :mrgreen::mrgreen: