Downward 90 for vent?

Furnace vent/exhaust only, exits building with down facing 90…ok? Everything I find has vent and intake which need vent/exhaust up/straight and intake down.

The fact that this is over stairs is problematic.
Also is that an intake for something else to the left?
Many condensing boiler manufacturers want the intake and exhaust from the same area but typically if there is adequate combustion air near a furnace, it is acceptable to have the intake inside the structure.

Those are bathroom exhaust and range exhaust. Furnace intake is inside utility room with louvered door.

Terrill, you didn’t happen to get the make and model number and look for the installation instructions on Google, did you?

Yes, only intake is downward.Vent.pdf (790.3 KB)

So you found that make and model and it said that the air intake is the only termination that can have a downward 90?

If that is the exhaust, then you have your answer, eh?

Terry ,
Google Category 4 furnace venting. Lots of good information.

I’ve seen lots of furnaces vented down. A good idea make sure you’re away from snow depth for your area.

Got it, thank you