Dp3 Inspections

Can any one tell me about a dp3 inspection and can we do them?
I was just asked about performing a few of them but don’t have any knowledge of the process or form. How much to charge?
Thanks for the help.

It appears it is a “dwelling fire” insurance inspection for rental properties. I still have questions about a standard form to use? charge? is a home inspector required to perform etc. ?

I thought I would update this, due to me learning something from it and gaining a valuable lesson, or at least having a valuable lesson more affirmed . I had told my potential client that I was not familiar with this type of inspection and I would like to know more about it in order to help him. I was a bit nervous about sounding like a green horn and loosing the job at the same time my honesty to him really helped me. It turned out that what he was really looking for is a 4 point inspection. He was only repeating the type of coverage from what the insurance company said. After asking the insurance company more info he verified that a 4 point is what was needed. I am grateful for this forum. When no-one responded to what type of inspection is a dp3, I had a feeling there was some sort of miscommunication . The knowledge here is incredible and and the benefit of speaking with peers is invaluable.