Dr. Keith Swift becomes NACHI's Editor in Chief.

NACHI is now the inspection industry’s largest publisher of written material.

In our continued effort to get the right people into the right places at NACHI, we are very pleased to announce that Dr. Keith Swift has accepted the position of NACHI’s Editor-in-Chief.

Keith has a long history of working to advance NACHI’s causes and to help NACHI members, especially in the area of the written word, which is so critical to inspectors.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Keith to his new position at NACHI.

Welcome Keith! I know you will serve very effectively.

congrats keith

Thanks Keith for all you’ve done to help us here at NACHI . . . I have gained greatly from your written words and wisdom!

You da man!!! :mrgreen:

Dr. Swift


What are your duties and responsibilities or is this more of an honorary position?

Congratulations again


Congratulations, Keith. You are an asset to us as individuals and NACHI as the worlds best Home Inspection organization.
Gerald Wilcox

Thanks Nick.
I have met and communicated with Kieth many times and he is in My opinion A great choice and a big asset to NACHI.

Thank you Kieth For your support of NACHI and our members.

Roy Cooke

Dr. Swift, welcome to NACHI.

Welcome Keith;

Congratulations, you are definitely the Man for the job.


Hey Keith,

Thats fantastic.

Congratulations and best wishes. We knew you couldn’t stay away.

Best regards,

So…NACHI now has its own official “wise ol’ grammar”.

Welcome Keith! :smiley:

[size=3]As Jim Bushart’s "Wise Ole Toofless Stanken Granny” would say … Hot Dang! It just keeps getting gooder and gooder!\:D/ [/size]


Great news. Now, maybe you can teach some of us how to spell without relying on using spell checker:D… myself included!

Module 1 on NACHI TV.

Congratulations Keith!

Congrats keith!

Many great returns!


Now that you have had this position bestowed upon you, tease us a bit on what some of the projects you plan to take on.

Does NACHI have a Poet Laureate?

congratulations, keith. thanks nachi.