Dr. Keith Swift has accepted the position of Editor in Chief at Real Property Times.

Thanks Keith!


Great man loves the industry and is always eager to help.
Thanks Keith

Upon my own reflection of this interesting announcement, I find it difficult to grasp as to how (yet assuredly know that) each issue of Real Property Times will now be preceded by sixty-two pages of disclaimers.


I always enjoyed Keith’s writing. Good for you Keith!

Congrats Keith.

Congratulations Keith!!
You are definitely the best man for this position!

The narratives that appear in the various software programs that I have written are preceded by instructions that insist that they be edited, added to, and/or deleted by the user. Not for one moment did I ever assume that I could speak for thousands of inspectors. More significantly, over the years, I have recieved literally hundreds of compliments, such as those in this thread. I have always felt it was my duty to help inspectors while you distinguish yourself over and over as a nay-sayer with a puerile sense of humor that helped to fuel a lawsuit against NACHI. By comparison, you have earned the nickname “Bushfart.” I wouldn’t refer to you in that disrespectful way, and will only say that you are obviously “dis-eased,” and I always chose my words carefully.

I’m with Mario on this one, no better man for the job



JB writes:

:smiley: :smiley: LOL, Keith, you’re losing your mind… relax, have a pint (as you Brit’s say) and enjoy Jim’s humor. He’s the Chris Rock of the inspection industry.

LOL…Yet, in your own verbose style, you managed to do it anyway.

tsk tsk…You take yourself much, much too seriously. :smiley:

Y’all have to admit that Jim’s:

… is pretty dang funny. I’m still LMAO :smiley: .


I got a red box for telling you “Congrats”… LOL… funny.

Your not alone I guess some are very jealous of Keith .
He was a great help to so many and so seldom posts any more .
It is a shame when we loose great people like him when they stop posting.