Draft of 2011 NEC

For those interested, here is the link to the Draft of the 2011 NEC with the proposed changes. Be prepared… large file 835 pages.


Thats only the proposals…I have a few in there. The real draft will not be until around 2010.

835 pages of proposals? Not what the cover page says.

2011 Edition
National Electrical Code

Note: Copies of proposals are published in the NEC ROP for
the 2010 Annual Revision Cycle.

The following draft of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code®,
2011, incorporates the committee actions on the public and
committee proposals that make up the A2010 Report on Proposals.
The draft is presented only as an aid to the reviewer.


Yes…draft of proposals…lol…not all will make the cut. The actual what we call a pre-draft will be once the ROC is out…it will be a more accurate draft. heck man, they are all drafts until final printing…lol