Dragonspeak not working with HIP

(Jeff Belrose, CMI) #1

Dragonspeak has stopped working with my HIP. Have updated to the most recent version of both. Dragon is working with other things, just not HIP

Who has the secret fix…Go!

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #2

My only issue is it caps first words on captions but not in text section.

(Dominic J. Maricic) #3

Is it working on HIP 5.4 for you Bob?

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #4

Yes NP…using 5.4. Same as always .

My Dragon version is older so perhaps there is a setting in the Newer Dragon software .I do know it has different modes .

(Jeff Belrose, CMI) #5

Still not working for me and Dragon has no weekend support

(Jeff Belrose, CMI) #6

I finally got it to work! I had to reload Dragon speak and make sure to uncheck Windows compatibility mode. Any of you that are running Dragon speak version 15 and are having issues may find that you need to do this process. Hopefully not as it took a while!