Drain fiasco

The challenge: Install a stacker washer/dryer in the closet beside the bathroom, using as many elbows as possible, and violating a number of plumbing rules along the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel




When there is a Plunger near, generally it’s a hint—:lol:—:lol:

“Odd pipe configuration with plunger noted”-----:lol:

that last photo proves the installer’s all turned around/over :shock: :wink:

some guys apparently get paid by the fitting

I want whatever that installer was smoking.

Nice traps…

…not to mention the price tags. :roll:

That last one is the only one I reall understood. Wow! How can you get something so wrong. The DIY books aren’t all that screwed up.

Yes, I don’t understand why he didn’t just connect to the bathroom basin drain in pic 2. Would the washer blow trap water back up into the sink??

When you sniff that much glue things bound to go wrong.

Home Depot " YOU CAN DO IT WE CAN HELP" Well, no you can’t do it.