Drain tiles


What is ‘best practice’ for installing drain tiles?

Around here, we routinely see the flexible perforated black drain tile piping. Have been told by an old plumber that the only way he does it is with 4" PVC. Says that is lasts longer, has fewer problems and can be rodded if it gets clogged.

Comments on best practices for drain tile material?

Should be call out other methods as inferior?

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I don’t understand how a drain tile around the foundation could be rodded after installation unless there was an access point above ground.

That is also installed, Dan. There is usually a green PVC type cleanout installed as well.

Will, around here the black junk is predominately used with no access, but am starting to see more of the pvc with cleanouts being installed on new homes, I think it is a much better system

Big O ( a popular brand name of the black corregated stuff) is more eaisly damaged during installation and in particular crushed when backfilling. However it is much cheaper and can come with a pre-installed silt filtration sock.

He could be right but you won’t see many if any doing it. To time consuming to make a profit. What I’m not seeing is the flexible 4 in with a mesh to kepp out soil around them. I understand it work works much better then the flexible at least when it comes to keeping dirt out. I agree how would you rod it out?

Perforated PVC drain piping is better, but wrapping the pipe/gravel with a good filter fabric and having an adequate drainage structure/drywell (most common problem area since it’s just not maintained) is more important.

Also keep in mind that foundation drains are not even required by current model codes for foundations in good draining soils … and it might actually make the situation worse by wicking water towards the foundations.

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Will,Like this? Unreal that I would find this today. 7 year old house. Quality builder.