Drainage Question

Larger PVC connects to smaller piece. I know generally this is not allowed, but configuration has been leak free for 32 years. Would you still call it out?



It also is missing a coupling.

I would point it out, but how do you know they have had no problems?

Most PVC has not been used 32 years around here.(sounds fishy)

Also wondering how they sealed the connection?


Good points, Bob. :wink: This is their roof drainage and it was raining very hard for quite a while at time of inspection. It’s not right so I’m calling it. Anyone have a link - illustration for the proper configuration.


Good morning, sir. :wink:

You really wouldn’t?

I would state the pipe size should not be reduced, but if it’s working fine I’m not going with a code gig, I would write if they have an issue with it in the future, install the correct size, otherwise leave well enough alone.

I agree , but as Dale said point it out.

Sounds silly , but being used as a down spout softens my concern.

Clean water is not as bad as waste water and it looks to be in a open space.

I always call out things that are wrong, just had a bad vibe about recommending a $$$ correction when it’s not leaking. Thanks guys!

You are the “Deal Killer” you claim to be----:lol:

I wish I could have killed a deal this morning, I just drove to downtown Phoenix to a Termite class to get my Termite license and they canceled the class for lack of students…think they would have called to tell the folks who paid for the class it was rescheduled…hell no…!!—](*,)

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I know some inspectors (not me) that actually enjoy killing deals. That’s going off the deep end. :shock:

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$12. Be using for like a year free.