Draw Inspection Question

You need to reread his post a dozen or more times and actually try to comprehend what he is stating!


I believe it’s a third party that works for the lender.


I am not following your math. Half of $250 is $125. You pocket $125 and you pay $125.

But in the end, it has nothing to do with the total fee, it has everything to do with who is willing to work for less. If the 3rd party company has problems attracting inspectors, they will up their fee. If inspectors come running for the dinner bell at $75 then that is what they will pay.

The bank uses a 3rd party for a reason. Typically it is an approved vendor they can use for multiple projects so they do not have to deal with multiple inspectors individually.

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Here’s one of MANY such companies out there…

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Just got back today and understand it better now. I was thinking I had to upload a separate report for each line item. I now see it’s just an ongoing tally and each time I go I just build on what I did last time. Overall, REALLY easy to do. The online portal they give me is very user friendly and just takes a couple minutes to fill out.

As an added bonus an agent for the builder was holding an open house next door so I had a great chance to do a little face to face marketing.

The whole thing is kind of funny… it makes me wonder how far I’d be willing to drive and grab a $100 bill off the ground (I know, I know, taxes, etc.). It turns out it’s a 38 minute drive from my house so it’s pushing it but I like what Scott says about looking at the total income. Also, this builder is doing about a dozen houses in the same neighborhood so at some point hopefully I’ll be able to double or triple up on some trips.

Lastly, I did find it odd that the only thing that had changed since six weeks ago is that there is a pallet of green underground sanitary pipe, a pallet of gray electrical conduit and a couple stacks of lumber that probably aren’t even for framing the house (I’m guessing they’re for dust control fencing - it’s a Maui thing).

How often do you guys get called to these things and there is little or no change?


Sounds about right for island time.


Many of these projects by smaller builders are triggered by the builders request to be paid, eg. need to pay their subs for their services rendered. I’ve been out to the same home three times in two weeks for minor changes. Makes no difference to me… quick paycheck!


I don’t have that problem. It’s just me doing Inspections. The companies are charging more, so I should make more. Everything has gone up. I haven’t raised my rates since 2016 and I just went up $10. Everyone says I can charge more. I’m tired of the rich getting richer.

Improve your skill set. In the interim, soak them for what you can get.