Draw Inspection Requirement?

I am a new inspector and I would like to add Draw Inspections to my repertoire in TN. Is there a special certification for it? Where do I go for more info?

What is your experience/background? Are you well versed in current Code?

To be clear, are you asking about “Draw” or “Phase”?

“Draw” inspection is geared more toward the banking industry. It’s intent is to provide verification of a required amout of completion for a project to do 2 things:

  1. Verify for the bank that the previously provided funds were used for the intended purpose thus providing them an asset near the amount of loan should there be a default.

  2. Give them confidence to release another “Draw” of funding for the next stage of the project.

It would help to know what information the particular bank/funding institution requires for each draw to accurately provide what they are looking for.

“Phase” inspection is were you provided information to your client as to the appropriateness of construction method, installation & components used at certain specified points of the construction process.

Both types of inspections require extensive knowledge of codes that Mr. Jonas alluded to (national, state, local, residential, commercial, etc.) all depending upon type of project & where.


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Important point: draw inspections or CLM is not a code inspection. It is an assessment of how far along a contractor is in the construction process. You are not there to critique means and methods. You are there to assess progress against the contractor’s schedule of values.

Not exactly true in all cases. I’ve been performing Draw inspections for more than 15 years, and even though most of what you stated is true, I am also instructed to disclose any Code or major Workmanship issues discovered.

Read this and it might help you understand;

I wouldn’t stick my neck out like that. You’re opening yourself to at the very least being named in a suit if something ever went wrong. I don’t even comment on work site cleanliness and housekeeping. Way too much liability when you go down that road. Compartmentalize what your scope is, and don’t stray into the weeds. Stay on the fairway.

Draw inspectors visit the work site to evaluate current progress against what has been reported. They’re looking specifically to validate that all work items and materials included in a draw request are, in fact, in place, and assist in determining the appropriate release of funds.