draw inspections ISGN

I have requests to do draw inspections for asgn. Does anyone have any experience with them. They told me they pay twice a month, the 15th and the30th.:roll:

Good luck understanding them when they call. Almost all of them are Indians (dots not feathers). If they require E&O insurance that means stay way b/c they will sue you if anything goes wrong when they are suppose to have quality control.

Bobby Skinner

Already a thread going inthe members only marketing area
Just got a call from ISGN . . .
Check it out.
I got the same call, as other have.
I politely declined when I looked at the attached file in the other post.

I was also contacted by ISGN, THe Papaerwork says they are COCOMAR ??
DOes anybody have any info on these guys. I have heard you have to invoice them and they will pay you… I have never heard anything bad yet …Please inform ??

Thank You,
Rick Moore NACHI MEMBER #04100875

Draw companies such as DDN, Granite, Trinity etc. automatically send your payment upon completion of their reports.
Having to bill for services on such a small amount is not worth the time IMO.

These guys only want to pay $20 per inspection. They will give you a small bonus if you do things their way. You get an extra $15 if you do it in 24 hours and send the right photos. If there are 3 or more in a subdivision, it looks to me like they want to drop you to $10 per inspection. Hardly worth the time to e mail them back and say no thanks.