Draw Inspections Pay ?

I know this has been done over and over and over ,here on this board, But I will be brave…???

Has anybody had any problems with trinity paying ??? And how long do they normally take to send you a check ???
Any info would help…
Grainite pays the fastest …But need to know how long trinity takes. ??

Thanks, RM

within 30 days

Never had a problem with Trinity. Check is in my mailbox 20-30 days after the inspection.

I track the pay dates pretty closely and trinity used to be slow 45-50 days… last year they got it down to the 30’s and were able to maintain low thirties… I have not worked with them much since February. When I raised my rates in October, received approval in November, kept receiving jobs through January but they only paid one at the newer rate. Make sure your rates are explicitely stated and all parties agree… they are now trying to get me to settle for 60% of what is owed (40 jobs x $15 increase)… they say it is my fault for accepting the jobs after one had already been paid for the lesser amount… banging my head against the wall now… oh well…

Trinity is slower than some I work for, but not to the point where I feel it is a negative. I find them easy to work with and fair about what they require of me.

They thought i got greedy when I guaranteed them a 50 mile radius coverage and was asking 65.00 per inspection… I was regularly traveling 50-55 miles for the bulk of their work without complaint… but they did not want to pay more than 50.00 despite agreeing to it… it was good work while i had it but due to fuel costs I had to go up… I put it off as long as I could… ce la vi

who and where are these companies you guys are referring to ?


Digital Draw is one company, I make about $200 a month doing their inspections. www.drawnet.com another is Granite Loan Management
www.gcinspects.com if you any others let me know too…JJ

my favorite it ddn about 4 per day
granite gci 5 per week
granite does pay very fast

4 a day for DDN is the highest I’ve heard… I get 6-10 a month.

5 per week for GCI is high as well… I get 4-6 a month.

mebbe I’m just too sloooooo :mrgreen:

This would make me very happy!

I just got assigned by both granite and ddn as their main inspector in my areas so I’m hoping it will go up to at least 5 a week or so per company. Also I’m doing some property inspections which have a longer turnover so I only do those if I’m in the area already. Those pay so little I consider them gas and latte money.

Any idea how strict these companies are in regards to their requirements? I would love to get involved in these type of inspections but don’t meet the 2 years portion of the required qualifications. As an example, DDN posts:

Joining DDN’s national network of qualified inspectors requires the following skills, tools, and/or certifications:

  • A minimum of two years inspection experience
  • Certification by a state or national inspection association or governmental licensing division (or)
  • Ten or more years construction management or contracting experience
  • Internet access
  • Basic PC skills and familiarity with Internet browsers
  • Digital camera
  • Ability to meet strict inspection deadlines
  • Detail oriented
    *]Reliable transportation
    I just wonder how strict these companies can be before wasting my time with paperwork. I don’t want to be in violation of the NACHI COE 1.5.

They were told up front by me how short of a time I have been in this business, and they hired me anyway. They quickly decided they like my work, and gave me a contract to do the work in whichever areas I choose. Both Trinity and DDN.


I like the new website. I new Roberta would hook you up!

How’s biz lately?

Thanks Will! :slight_smile:

Biz is slow for home inspections. Doing a few draws, but mostly working on my campaign for commissioner for this gentleman that lives here.

We just won the Primary, so now we’re off and running. This is where it gets hectic. So I’m not marketing heavily or anything, although I just ordered a bunch of stuff so that I’ll have it if he doesn’t win the election and stuff.

Thanks for asking! :slight_smile: