Draw Inspections

I just got the full contract for all the inspections for a certain company in the Puget Sound area. Guaranteed. They told me to name my prices and I told them anywhere from $35 to $75 depending on distance.

Honestly I think that the more experienced inspectors who do get more Home Inspections ought to pass these little jobs onto the new inspectors anyway. It helps me keep afloat and maybe someone doing 2-4 inspections for $299-$499 a day doesn’t really need those draw inspections as much as the little guy.

Honestly I don’t think the draws and security inspections are worth more than what they are paying. Sure the gas adds up. However, you are only putting in a few minutes max to do them.

Oh, and DDN just wrote to me to especially compliment me on the quality of my photos and the speed with which I get them done. They said my photos are excellent. They said my reports are very good as well. I feel pretty good about that.

Oh, and I am working appr. five jobs this month. Different types of things pieced together here and there. For the first time in years, I’m going to make about $3000 MINIMUM.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the Lord publicly for carrying me through these trying times and helping me through all of you wonderful friends, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m able to buy my kids b-day presents and brand new clothes for the first time in years and it feels so good! It brought a tear or two to my eyes for my sons to ask me if we were middle class now. :frowning: Those kids are so good and deserve so much. Thank you Lord for carrying me through the storm, and help me to always remember to never let go of your hand.

We have agents up here in Canada who also tell the home inspectors what a great job you do and how much we love your inspections .
Oh yes the client said they sure do appreciate that you only take one hour to do the inspection and only charge $200:00 dollars .
Those other home inspector take about 3 hours and want to get $400:00.
Do not worry though I will continue to tell all the other agents how good you are and fast and so reasonable .
There is a post (http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6938) that shows you get what you pay for .
. I charge $399:00 4 inspections so far this week and turned down two that where looking for that $200:00 inspector .
Roy Cooke

Here in the US we deduct those as business expenses and we make more money than one could make surfing the message board and waiting for the phone to ring. I have 2 commercial inspections today (on the way to a home inspection) at $60 apiece and are across the street from each other and only 10 miles from our corporate office. That will pay for this Sunday’s outing to the Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals game which by the way is a tax deductible business entertainment expense.Pizza at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company afterwards also… you got it…tax deductible business expense. I’ll stay home and surf the message board when I’m not out marketing or making money.:wink: :wink: :wink:

Exactly Linas!

No matter what you say,it will make no differance. These company’s know that there are inspectors out there that are hurting so why not take advantage of them. Sometimes it works out great if your in the area, but most of the time * But like they say,do what you think is good for you.*

I will take almost every draw inspection I can get and when I establish myself with a company my prices go up. Their looking for dependability.
If you go out, do the inspection, turn your report around right away, they will be willing to go up on the fee.

You are either well off and don’t have to worry if you don’t book a normal home inspection or you take what brings you a meal for your kids. Every situation is different. Do what works best for you, cover your a$$ and drive forward.:neutral:

I was doing work for DDN it only served as a good stepping stone and educational tool for me. To get them to pay more was like pulling teeth from a horse. After I got my back side chewed off by a GC (to no fault of my doing) and a few technical problems with sending reports they informed me that “I was a problematic inspector”.

They did me one huge favor!!! I started my own Draw Inspections dealing directly with the lenders, making more money etc. etc…

Bottom line…does it work for you?

Doug Parker
Tropical Solutions
Kailua-Kona, HI


You have got the right idea and it has worked out well for me here. :slight_smile:

I do draw inspections for DDN, Granite, Trinity, LCN. I also do inspections for Lease Inspection.com, Office Tiger, and IREP. When I first started doing these several years ago, I thought they were a pain, since I only got a couple a week. But like anything else, more and more came my way, more companies called, and I am looking at grossing around 15,000-20,000 this year just on these. As any business class will teach you, there is something called economy of scale. The more you make of something, or more tasks you perform, the cheaper it is to do them.
There are days when I have two home inspections, and five or six draws and other types.

So yes, it **does **pay to do these inspections, at least for me.

For those of you who say you won’t put the key in the ignition for less than X number of dollars, bully for you. I put the key in the ignition every day, whether its to do a home inspection, marketing, delivering reports, errands, etc. Maybe some of you are out in the boonies, and it doesn’t pay enough to cover the time and expense. But for me, it pays the gas bill and payments on two vehicles.

As for refusing to do them, and **hoping **they raise their pay, good luck!

I still do draws , but only for Granit…

They have always been good to me so, I will still work for them.:smiley:

What’s entailed in a ‘Draw inspection’?

Document the building stages of new construction.

How long does it take? Must be quick considering the pay. Take photos? make a 'DRAW’ing?

The companies request pictures of the stages of construction and you fill out a little form. It’s very easy work and nice if you get several at a time.

Gee Roy. I didn’t mean to miss your post here.

BTW, DDN is a draw inspection company and getting compliments from them is a good thing, not some agent pandering to an inspector. It means you are doing a good job.

Considering how many stories I hear of where the inspector can’t take a decent photo, figure out the program, or write a decent report, I would say it’s good to get praised by them.

Oh, and I don’t in any way shape or form charge less than $375 for an inspection. So please refrain from implying that I do.

Need contact info for these names. Looking up only these short names gave too many choices except LeaseInspections.com. Can you give some info? May as well join the bandwagon while its slow.

here you go:



Pm me with your e-mail and I will find a report I did for one of these company-you will see how easy they are.


I just did my first draw inspection today (for Trinity). I have a question about the form that I hope someone answers. Here’s an example:

Line Item Discription___% __Prior% __New%

Plumbing-roughed in___8 0%

I know this is a stupid question, but if all of the “plumbing-roughed in” is 100% complete, should 100% or 8% be put under the "New % column? Thanks for any imput.